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The Mojo

How we plan stuff

01Work approach

We are a team of high-level developers dedicated to the design of microservices and cross-platform applications.

We offer our clients roadmaps that go from the pre-production phase to the launch of a prototype (MVP). Our strategies accompany the project owners until the integration of an internal team in order to reach a complete autonomy.
What drives us

02Passionate creators

As initiators of various projects and creators of companies ourselves, we know the difficulties of the entrepreneur.

The solutions we deploy must meet the various needs of the launch while adapting to the more distant perspectives. This is why our support involves all operational issues without being limited to the technical aspect.
Wherever you are, we're close

03Remote interventions

We wish to promote creativity, autonomy and the involvement of everyone on all our projects.

Offering an adapted development framework seems essential to us to reinforce the spirit of initiative of all parties. For that, we intervene mainly in telecommuting with some occasional travels during the needs of framing.

What are you looking for?


Visual and interactive prototype

from $3900

Proof of concept on the critical functionality of your project. Demonstration in an interactive environment. Ideal for presentation to your partners and investors.


Marketable functional prototype

from $5900

Focus on a specific medium. Development of the minimum requirements for an online release. Deployment on a production infrastructure. Optimal for first tests with users.

Custom Applications

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Our Core Team

Théo Stocchetti

Business Lead

Sacha Stafyniak

Tech Lead

Driss Chelouati

Design Lead


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